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safe2174883 kotobukiya1326 princess celestia112715 princess luna117207 alicorn314268 human245560 equestria girls255919 g42029392 anime7575 clothes634709 cute265832 dress62034 duo170063 female1803276 humanized119649 kotobukiya princess celestia76 kotobukiya princess luna114 royal sisters6733 sisters17978


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Background Pony #AB12
Ha I called it! Next will probably be either Chrysalis (and maybe Cadance), Trixie (and maybe Starlight) or Vinyl (and maybe Octavia).
Background Pony #FF88
Imagine how much more money this figure series would have made back when the fandom was alive.
Brass Beau

Howdy from Shimmer Pope
I’m $10,000^__.00__^ in debt. I really shouldn- and my wallet has gained sentience. It’s telling me I have to. Well, can’t argue with that.
Background Pony #948F
They should give Cadence a figure too.
Who’s to say they won’t? If these end up selling well, I would think they’d continue the series with other fan favorite characters.
I don’t think I’ve ever seen flat Princess Celestia…
Background Pony #8066
And that’s why I like the anime style used for the Kotobukiya sculptures. No unrealistic, sexualized proportions!