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This is the first time In this Show that These 6 Ponies, Including Spike, Are Napping together, Snoring Together, Catching Zs Together, And Dreaming together The day away.

Those 7 Looked Partied Out After Having A Viral Party Yesterday As They already Slept and Dreamt The Night away after. And The're Possibly gonna Sleep and dream The Day Away Too.

Pinkie pie thanked the ponies for coming to her place, Falls down on the floor Sighing slowly, And Fell asleep on the floor, Catching Zs and Snoring away.

Twilight And Fluttershy Both Fell asleep On the table where they sat on. The're heads fell on the table to rest on for the night as they both snore. I thought twilight was gonna hug the tablet like a plushie, but she's just too tired to do that as she snores, Same with Fluttershy too.

(I know alot of people are gonna love this next part) Rainbow dash Also Fell asleep on the floor, snoring away as well. And for the cutest part, Applejack used Rainbow dash as a pillow to lay on and falls asleep still. I thought it'll be even cuter if she uses her hat over her eyes, but she's too tired to do that just like twilight and fluttershy. She was also snoring with her mouth closed and breathes with her nose for the snores.

Rarity Fell asleep on the comfy chairs as her head was on the table as a resting spot. She was Also Snoring along with her friends. Spike was Also Next to her, As he fell asleep sitting. His head laid on a kinda like pillow spot as he snores along with all 6 ponies.

All 7 Started To Sometimes Snore one by one and they can be heard all throughout the sugarcube corner, and then sometimes, they snore altogether at the same time at some points through out both the night, and day. Also for the first time, All 7 Are Also Catching Zs Together as a bunch of Zs were popping out of the're heads. They All Snore soft, normal, and rarely Loud at some points of the sleep time.

Right when they all fell asleep and when they all start to snore, They all start to dream. Some Romantic, Some relaxing, Some sweet, some action packed, Some excited, Some Songful, and some dramatic. They all Must Be Having Sweet and Beautiful Dreams Together as of now. For example, 2 ponies (Like applejack and rainbow dash, Twilight and fluttershy, or rarity and spike) Dreaming in 1 romantic dream together, or even all 7 ponies including a baby dragon All Dreaming in 1 Dream at the same time, Like Parting in the same place just like earlier, this time, more magical and upbeat, or Relaxing and having fun at the beach just like last time when they meet potion nova, But also more magical and exciting. Or even Going on a Huge long Magical Musical adventure together while in the dreamlands.

All 7 Stayed their sleeping positions until they wake up in the morning. Or not possibly. (as you can tell on the photo)

You can Comment down below What these 7 Sleepyheads are also dreaming about? I'll be glad to see your answers.
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