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A note from the artist, who’s for the last couple of weeks has been working from his little getaway hut in the countryside:
“Sorry, there will be no next page until next-next sunday (so until 6th)! I have only a few days left to spend here, and I really wanna try to do some of the stuff I got out there for. But instead of the page, there will be a full art next week, with edits and everything, so look forward to that! Thank you for understanding!”


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explicit361442 artist:alcor1005 fluttershy217234 oc711856 oc:anon11931 human158942 pegasus309101 pony1010419 comic:hearts aflutter22 anatomically correct24794 blushing204621 clitoris28402 clothes475943 comic111461 crotchboobs21813 cunnilingus9942 dialogue67933 eyes closed98047 female1401736 happy sex2176 human male6784 human male on mare3720 human on pony action10710 interspecies23586 male387966 mare502124 nipples175378 nudity382280 open mouth154293 oral50346 orgasm12259 pants15314 pink clitoris12 pink vagina20 sex125693 shirt26172 straight140312 vulva132304 vulvar winking12364 wholesome porn94 x-ray8205


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Background Pony #6A58
This is one of the most wholesome fucks I've ever seen. Is there a tag for wholesome, married sex?
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