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safe1681646 artist:gempainter3249 oc669019 oc only440112 oc:diamond nella44 unicorn312986 anthro254720 unguligrade anthro47231 action pose1165 anthro oc29391 armor23372 crucible blade11 digital art17884 doom476 doom eternal41 ear fluff28433 female1340800 glow4278 holding3022 ibispaint x82 mare468812 mask6546 praetor suit19 red background868 reflection3111 shoulder pads94 signature23537 simple background385217 slayer crucible1 solo1047178 sword11458 symbol397 visor690 weapon29920


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Warrior of Virtue

Nella tore the jaw off of the Imp that moments ago had dared to attack her. She tore relentlessly through the Hordes of Hell as they kept coming in ever greater numbers. Soon the Imps and Hell-Knights gave way to Barons of Hell and Mancubi. And soon, even these monstrous creatures became mere foot notes as the mighty Cyber-Demons came to claim her body and soul for their dark masters. Nella tore them all apart with the exact same ruthless efficiency with which she had dispatched their lesser brethren.

Finally, after what may well have been years, time seemingly meaningless in this vile place, the demons' onslaught began to waiver. Fewer and fewer demons came to test her might until at last, they stopped altogether. She had triumphed. They now feared her. She was ready.

Nearby, a portal appeared out of thin air to take her from this place. She stepped through to find herself in the ruins of an ancient citadel of the Night Sentinels. And there, standing next to the Crucible Forge, stood a man clad in armor almost identical to her own. His helmet was off, allowing her to see the rare smile he wore as he looked upon her with pride. He extended his hand forward to present her with a crucible hilt…HER crucible hilt.

Doom Slayer: Diamond Nella, you have completed the final trial. Your training is complete. Step forward and claim what is yours.

Nella approached her master and reverently took the crucible from his hand. She then turned to the forge and inserted her new weapon, igniting the blade. She then turned back to her master who ignited his own crucible and held it aloft in salute.

Doom Slayer: They are rage…brutal…without mercy. But you…you will be worse. Rip and tear…

Nella raised her crucible towards his. Red bands of energy arced between the two blades as they met.

Nella:…until it is done.