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Apoge drew Falcon Heavy rocket
safe1681683 artist:xbi766 oc669035 oc only440122 oc:apogee846 pony943761 bust48246 colored pencils94 drawing4433 eye clipping through hair5269 falcon heavy7 female1340825 filly65044 freckles28039 looking at you164064 misleading thumbnail1074 mouth hold17101 pencil3563 pencil in mouth31 portrait30509 rocket808 smiling241552 solo1047205 spacex68 tabun art-battle cover37


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Magic Alicorn

Model S Plaid+
Falcon Heavy wasn't designed to compete with SLS. It is a contender in the heavy lift market for payloads destined for geosynchronous/geostationary orbit. It's reusability is also an attractive feature that it has over the SLS. In a fully expendable configuration, FH is super expensive too. However, SLS has a higher specific impulse because it uses hydralox instead of RP1/LOX. That makes SLS more suited for interplanetary missions. Starship is going to compete with SLS.

Go NASA, go SpaceX

It's less powerful than the Saturn V. But it also weighs a lot less and is much less expensive, so…

Of course, NASA is being stupid as hell about insisting on using the SLS even though it looks worse than the Falcon Heavy in every regard. Hopefully they will eventually change their minds.