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A heavy facial makeover of >>2237777
Which, check those quads, btw.

While Fluttershy's card was absolutely the most popular card in the whole series, I've been of the belief that it absolutely could have been better.

As such, I have done what I can to better it.
suggestive139972 alternate version43170 artist:lil miss jay2482 fluttershy210114 anthro254724 full service playing cards286 absolute cleavage3380 belly27695 belt5302 belts148 big breasts79826 body freckles875 breasts270890 busty fluttershy16824 choker11592 cleavage33958 clothes450607 ear piercing25368 earring20502 eyeshadow15123 female1340817 floating wings1146 fluttergoth790 freckles28037 freckleshy162 goth2109 gothicc155 huge breasts37414 jewelry61311 lil miss jay edits4 lipstick10877 looking at you164064 makeup20762 mare in the moon1706 mascara632 moon23096 panties49428 piercing39933 running makeup2076 solo1047190 tattoo5311 torn clothes4744 underwear59776 wing piercing251 wings102288 zipper749


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Certified Femboy
I completely magnet to gothic style clothing such as this. The eyelashes, the dark lipstick, ear piercings and tattoos? Honestly, what’s not to like about Gothicc Fluttershy?