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Face redo of >>2290634

A lot of you (like 3 of you) very politely (rudely) asked me to (just insulted me flat out) change the face (said the face looked awful).

So I redid the face. Not as a response to the constructive (not constructive at all just rude) criticism (blatant insults), but because my ability to draw and shade faces has improved a lot since I drew the face and I decided to update it.

I've also changed how I draw ears, but, I don't wanna redo the ears on every single card, so I left the ears as they are.

Disclaimer: Due to unforeseen circumstances including but not limited to my town burning down, my computer needing a full replacement, needing to move from Ohio to California and then back to Ohio, Full Service Playing Cards Series 4 is still on hiatus. While the deck is completely done, I currently have outstanding debts and can't afford the printing cost, but it'll be printed and shipped as soon as I'm able. Thank you for your understanding.
questionable110020 alternate version43170 artist:lil miss jay2482 twilight sparkle297381 alicorn219741 anthro254723 full service playing cards286 alternate hairstyle27528 ass48050 big breasts79826 breasts270889 busty twilight sparkle11770 butt54290 ear piercing25368 earring20502 erect nipples10302 female1340812 floating wings1146 huge breasts37414 jewelry61310 latex11502 lil miss jay edits4 looking over shoulder3710 nipple outline7260 piercing39933 punklight sparkle739 solo1047187 solo female177219 the ass was fat13552 tongue out101429 tongue piercing974 twibutt5371 twilight sparkle (alicorn)122473 wings102288


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@Lil Miss Jay
"But it looks bad." JKing, your work is always good Jay. I am sorry about your current circumstances and wish you the best of luck to getting your debt settled. I'm in just as bad of a situation but with constant hospital visits as one thing after another breaks down in me and have finally run out of sick time at work so now I'm on medical leave living on EI which is only 1/2 of what I normally would make.

Keep that head held high and looking forward, the sun will break through the clouds and brighten your day.
Lil Miss Jay
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I'm going to just snarkily add an "inb4 'this one looks worse lmfao'" down here.

People who are rude can never resist the opportunity to be rude.