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suggestive145444 artist:pony quarantine710 oc697408 oc:dyx172 alicorn228384 aftersex9526 alicorn oc27107 avocado oil1 bed41574 black and white13173 black sclera2126 cigarette3893 clothes467021 doomer20 dress45238 female1380979 grayscale38570 horn70654 implied foalcon1573 meme82436 monochrome150929 older27270 older dyx51 ponified meme998 self ponidox8233 selfcest2734 shipping202798 simple background400908 smoking4230 text60467 time travel387 white background100205 wings111263 wojak169


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Background Pony #5DEE
>tfw you realize that time travel is canon to the setting, and this has probably actually happened
Background Pony #5DEE
>"avocado oil" tag
>those smirky Dyx faces
I'd better check myself before I kek myself.