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suggestive148270 artist:pony quarantine743 oc711233 oc:dyx188 alicorn232683 aftersex9661 alicorn oc27590 avocado oil1 bed42323 black and white13463 black sclera2185 cigarette3972 clothes475463 doomer21 dress46017 female1400822 grayscale39218 horn77371 implied foalcon1580 meme83327 monochrome152275 older27775 older dyx56 ponified meme1065 self ponidox8341 selfcest2756 shipping205533 simple background408738 smoking4301 text62140 time travel389 white background102391 wings122850 wojak174


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Background Pony #5DEE
>tfw you realize that time travel is canon to the setting, and this has probably actually happened
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Background Pony #5DEE
>"avocado oil" tag
>those smirky Dyx faces
I'd better check myself before I kek myself.
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