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safe1902414 artist:thunderclumsy1 aloe2863 amethyst star2770 angel bunny10491 apple bloom54931 applejack183784 arizona (tfh)1403 autumn blaze4664 babs seed6055 berry punch7006 berryshine7006 big daddy mccolt97 big macintosh30594 blaze365 blossomforth1494 bon bon17537 bow hothoof1204 braeburn6634 bright mac1522 bulk biceps3630 capper dapperpaws1702 captain celaeno1271 carrot cake2291 carrot top5804 chancellor neighsay848 cheerilee10550 cheese sandwich4354 cherry berry2319 cherry jubilee1169 chickadee893 chief thunderhooves297 clear sky494 cloudchaser4050 cloudy quartz1527 coco pommel6507 coconut cream270 coloratura3215 cookie crumbles1194 cozy glow8533 cranky doodle donkey1089 cup cake4522 daisy2738 daring do6749 derpy hooves53027 diamond tiara10945 discord33942 dj pon-331006 doctor caballeron858 doctor whooves11340 donut joe836 double diamond1771 dumbbell652 fancypants2091 feather bangs595 featherweight1326 fido566 filthy rich1234 fizzlepop berrytwist9602 flam2299 flash magnus915 fleetfoot2379 flim2397 flitter3192 flower wishes2614 fluffy clouds83 fluttershy231774 gabby2780 gallus7807 garble2020 gentle breeze487 gilda10386 golden harvest5804 granny smith5681 grogar1250 grubber891 gummy5346 hayseed turnip truck278 hoity toity1050 hondo flanks620 hoo'far579 hoops462 igneous rock pie1011 inky rose566 iron will1398 king sombra15303 lemon hearts2362 lighthoof639 lightning dust4896 lily2118 lily valley2118 limestone pie5493 little strongheart869 lord tirek5740 lotus blossom3007 lyra heartstrings31546 mane-iac1703 marble pie7277 mare do well1016 matilda552 maud pie13604 mayor mare3538 meadowbrook921 mean applejack279 mean fluttershy251 mean pinkie pie223 mean rainbow dash209 mean rarity282 mean twilight sparkle883 minuette6313 mistmane851 moondancer5404 ms. harshwhinny2553 ms. peachbottom893 mudbriar883 night glider1446 night light2658 ocellus5953 octavia melody25500 oleander (tfh)1402 opalescence2223 owlowiscious2090 paprika (tfh)1190 party favor1629 pear butter3290 pharynx1160 philomena1134 photo finish2807 pinkie pie233253 pipsqueak2962 pokey pierce1451 pom (tfh)865 posey shy1528 pound cake2758 prince blueblood4419 prince rutherford819 princess cadance35779 princess celestia102450 princess ember7585 princess flurry heart8340 princess luna106615 princess skystar2270 pumpkin cake2508 quarterback179 queen chrysalis38067 queen novo1631 quibble pants1615 rainbow dash253525 rarity198115 rockhoof1239 roseluck5528 rover1049 rumble4198 saffron masala1747 sandbar6105 sapphire shores1066 scootaloo54339 sea swirl1775 seafoam1775 sheriff silverstar259 shimmy shake644 shining armor25253 silver spoon6957 silverstream6854 sky stinger572 smolder9410 smooze652 snails5572 snips4419 soarin'14844 somnambula2182 songbird serenade1337 sparkler2668 sphinx (character)1075 spike85290 spitfire14363 spoiled rich1300 spot496 star swirl the bearded2169 starlight glimmer53647 stellar flare1407 steven magnet596 storm king1292 stormy flare273 stygian867 sugar belle3448 sunburst7713 sunset shimmer70232 sunshower raindrops2516 suri polomare1343 svengallop388 sweetie belle52160 sweetie drops17537 tank2928 tempest shadow17963 terramar874 thorax4905 thunderlane4473 tianhuo (tfh)816 time turner11334 tree hugger3124 trenderhoof916 trixie72961 trouble shoes1294 twilight sparkle324931 twilight velvet4899 twinkleshine2470 twist2997 vapor trail1180 velvet (tfh)1596 vinyl scratch31006 whoa nelly268 wild fire918 wind sprint609 windy whistles2382 winona2645 yona5699 zecora10173 zephyr breeze2701 zippoorwhill408 oc800085 oc:fausticorn1612 alicorn261248 alligator1363 bird10676 buffalo990 cat7349 centaur4018 changedling9810 changeling55643 classical hippogriff5579 cow3842 deer7234 diamond dog3733 dog11522 draconequus15801 dragon67071 earth pony331557 griffon31179 hippogriff11427 kirin11560 minotaur1158 nirik504 owl1425 pegasus375248 phoenix1910 pony1249823 rabbit6646 reindeer2402 sea serpent214 sphinx2254 tortoise850 unicorn412496 yak5395 zebra20092 them's fightin' herds5636 my little pony: the movie20367 the mean 61766 alternate hairstyle32123 animal5830 cake twins518 canterlot five27 clone3133 community related5175 cutie mark crusaders20382 everyone is here21 everypony393 fluttergoth1040 future588 hipstershy302 king thorax3371 lots of characters39 mane seven7162 mane six34490 mccolt family198 mean six81 older32425 older applejack877 older fluttershy855 older gallus131 older mane seven279 older mane six418 older ocellus151 older pinkie pie832 older rainbow dash1023 older rarity831 older sandbar136 older silverstream145 older smolder375 older spike7517 older student six13 older twilight2428 older yona133 pillars of equestria300 prince pharynx855 royal family96 self ponidox9175 severeshy287 siblings13063 student six1817 twins2594 wall of blue84 wall of tags5062 wonderbolts3927


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@Background Pony #D767  
if ya saw my post, id mentioned that there were atleast Six different versions of Shy.. Most of whome, Like Flutterbat, are the same as Fluttershy.  
There are the three personalities, Older shy, regular Shy, and Mean shy that I saw atleast, and only one of those is not Normal Shy herself…  
There are also some fandom and non Mlp characters, such as the Cast of Them’s Fightin herds.  
So the argument That Flutterbat does not fit because its just Fluttershy, kinda falls flat when Five of the Six versions of Shy also all happen to Just be Flutters herself.  
So the absence of Flutterbat, just caught my attention as a bit odd.. that’s all.  
[P.S Sorry if this sounded mean or antagonistic in any way… im not feeling too good at the moment, and im not trying to be mean here…]
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Background Pony #D767
But we know that Fluttershy and Flutterbat are the same individual/entity. Right? Which does not count Fluttershy as a villain.
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