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Eat It He-Man!
@Background Pony #E0A5
Aye, DimFann and Yodi draw a figure of definition. Very structured and mastered at any angle. Yodi likes to flex this especially in all those sketches. The extra mass in the anatomy lends itself in a more believable human-like anatomy that real horses don't have. It successfully bridges the lines between realistic, canon/ cartoonish, and human-like without entering an uncanny valley.

It's still cute and adorable, but can be positively voluptuous when they want it to be. I loved it so much that when I commissioned a good acquaintance, I gave her numerous references, more than half from Yodi and DimFann. It's the most perfect thing I've ever seen too
Background Pony #2120
Happy Starlight always makes my day, also her flank looks really comfy, would totally sleep on it xD
Background Pony #E0A5
Good taste, fellow cultured man.

Dimfann draws the best looking pony /anatomy/ imo. At the same time meaty and definitively horse-like, but not disproportionate or looking "bolted on" to the rest of the pony.

Eat It He-Man!
I've gotta say it — DimFann, Zippysqrl, Longinius, and Yoditax are the absolute perfect pone artists in my opinion. I can appreciate the slender sleek look of NorthernSprint (especially on pegasi), or the more show accurate and well colored stuff of Selenophile. But I love the stuff Dim and Yodi make specifically (the perfect proportions). Thanks for drawing and posting.

But if I'm being honest, sketches tend to be generally a more favored and more engaged with artpiece. Probably because sketches are easier to take in and takes less brain power to process them. Maybe also because of other reasons too.