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Uploaded by Background Pony #6B12
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suggestive175376 artist:fishimira358 rarity204880 shining armor26132 twilight sparkle335816 twilight velvet5058 human209096 pony1347797 unicorn457175 3d106357 animated114215 behaving like a cat2696 behaving like a dog1574 collar42251 colt18231 dog house39 doom guy191 face down ass up10430 female1625220 filly86266 floppy ears65388 frown29642 grin54094 gritted teeth16948 hiding1728 implied penis480 implied rape1666 implied sex7401 lidded eyes40123 looking away4793 looking back75514 male469200 mare630400 micro10711 not lightsaber2 pet tag2228 prone31238 scared12793 size difference18533 smiling338380 smirk16175 source filmmaker61661 spanking3127 unicorn twilight27132 wat20943 wide eyes18960 younger20487


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Background Pony #CA9F
It looks more like Doomguy saw Rarity threatening Twilight Velvet and her foals and responded to that.
You can clearly see that Twilight Velvet and Shining Armor reacting scared to Rarity’s weird stare.