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suggestive148335 artist:fishimira333 rarity185520 shining armor23638 twilight sparkle306023 twilight velvet4458 human158872 pony1009698 unicorn341950 3d80262 animated100791 behaving like a cat2243 behaving like a dog1397 collar34510 colt15468 dog house32 doomguy135 face down ass up8759 female1401098 filly69576 floppy ears54465 frown23555 grin40860 gritted teeth13197 hiding1469 implied penis353 implied rape1361 implied sex6187 lidded eyes31760 looking away3867 looking back60021 male387727 mare501793 micro9357 not lightsaber1 pet tag1794 prone26337 scared10754 size difference14986 smiling260623 smirk13000 source filmmaker48449 spanking2776 unicorn twilight18682 wat19469 wide eyes17381 younger17756


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Background Pony #CA9F
It looks more like Doomguy saw Rarity threatening Twilight Velvet and her foals and responded to that.

You can clearly see that Twilight Velvet and Shining Armor reacting scared to Rarity's weird stare.