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This is a test to see if we are able to post as a webm4 on here! Don't be alarmed!!

EDIT 1: yay it worked!!! Here is all the details here—-→
safe1705127 artist:gori6 artist:orionisanimation6 oc683820 oc:dicemare124 pegasus291258 pony966371 animated98556 animator:orionisanimation4 art892 blinking3698 bust49886 colored19451 commission68301 cute199580 digital art18752 ears up206 eye1649 eye color18 eye lashes114 eyes1968 female1361863 freckles28821 gray352 grey oc33 hair1774 long hair4222 long mane3300 looking at you168394 looking back57359 looking up16451 mane1827 mare479923 no sound4127 nose162 open mouth145560 pegasus oc10907 portrait30951 red eyes6132 sexy29378 shading1845 smiling248034 snout94 solo1063219 teaser328 teasing3756 test337 webm13332


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