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explicit361502 artist:alcor1005 fluttershy217260 human158961 pegasus309182 pony1010607 comic:hearts aflutter22 anatomically correct24795 bed42356 clothes476014 comic111481 eyes closed98080 female1401933 fingering4734 fondling495 human male6784 human male on mare3720 human on pony action10712 interspecies23593 male388062 mare502211 nudity382340 pants15317 pink vagina20 sex125719 shirt26179 socks68565 straight140330 vagina49868 vaginal secretions40900 vulva132325


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Background Pony #3F7D
imagine flutterfags jerking off to that comic while Discord enjoys Fluttershys pussy in canon
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My Little Pony - 1992 Edition

The role any god wife fills for her husband, to please him. Fluttershy will go far lol
Seriously though, this is pretty dang cute. I enjoy the introspection she’s having in her personal monologues more than the sex itself, cause I can see her acting like this. Which is probably why she’ll forever be a sub for anon, unless animals are involved I guess then she’ll be a scary Dom XD
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Background Pony #9465
Considering all of the misconceptions Twilight had about Celestia in the early seasons of the show, despite practically living with her for years, I don't find it unreasonable at all for Fluttershy to think this way. Jarring to be sure, but makes sense once you think about it.
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Honestly I think this makes sense for Fluttershy's personality, and it's not really about Christianity. With the level of self-doubt she always has, of course she'd be afraid of what others think of her sexual desire, even though it's always only in her own head.
In other news, this comic is truly the cutest. I'm wondering why I only clicked Watch now.
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Doot Doot
Great story so far.
I understand why Flutters is the pony most likely to be a ball of doubt and nerves on night one but girl gotta stop thinking, start feeling and have a good laugh.
Can't wait for human to show her this is for both of them, not just "gotta please hubby" :D
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I dunno. I always found it to be a sacred act meant for a married couple.

But people eventually started exploiting it for pleasure. Understandable, though. The dopamine rush from it is addicting.
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just because a wife is supposed to have sex with her husband?
if you are married and never have sex then i rest my case
the waiting for it to be married first is dumb but i can see why it makes sense for child making purposes
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The way flutters is indoctrinated with the traditional christian upbringing brought this comic from cute to downright disturbing.
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Background Pony #EAE6
Think some of y'all underestimate how irrationally worried about other people's opinions shy folks can be.
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