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safe1751307 artist:witchtaunter499 oc712222 oc:calamity717 oc:littlepip4174 earth pony266266 pegasus309434 pony1011243 unicorn342583 fallout equestria17575 :<1085 aiming126 battle saddle335 cute205785 derp6919 female1402544 floppy ears54562 frown23588 glare8303 gun16345 handgun2845 levitation12575 magic75424 male388273 mare502533 mohawk794 mouth hold18078 partial color5429 pistol2145 raider793 raised eyebrow6688 revolver1633 scar12463 simple background409453 stallion115827 telekinesis28750 wat19477 weapon31447 white background102557 wide eyes17403


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wasn’t calamity trained as a sniper?

they have a lot more time to aim, and benefit more from powerful, high caliber weaponry.

so a battle saddle isn’t all that dumb


littlepip’s gun is f-ing stupid though.

Background Pony #0B02

It’s almost like there’s a reason horses aren’t the dominant species on the planet.

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How about a smaller, lighter version of a battle saddle with a single gun mounted on their shoulder, where the eye piece would aid in aiming

or… gun hat

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Artist -

Aerospace and stuff

Human firearms, especially pistols doesn’t make much sense on ponies but… they are just cool, plus that existing designs use in military and movies and games e.g. AR-15 family are just easier to accept than something original designed for ponies to use.

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Background Pony #4A48

If you actually read the stories, then you would know that battle saddles have an eye-piece for aiming. Also, how else would Earth Ponies/Pegasi shoot their guns? It may be awkward but remember, we as humans used to have to prop early gunpowder weapons against the ground or a piece of wood to even shoot it.

Horse jaws are much stronger than human jaws also most mouth-held weaponry have anti-recoil gems. They are also designed in such a way to not kick into the jaw as much as human weapons are kicking in that direction.

So yeah, another case of not reading the source mat.

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