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Big Mac holding onto the enchanted Smarty Pants doll, even as the equally enchanted mares keep kneeing him in the balls.

Drawn and colored by Kennzeichen, shading and other finishing touches by me.
explicit321609 artist:kennzeichen405 artist:nuttyhoof92 big macintosh26865 daisy2301 flower wishes2170 lily1858 lily valley1856 roseluck4760 smarty pants1454 earth pony209978 anthro235942 unguligrade anthro43466 lesson zero1346 ass43757 ball busting277 big breasts72114 breasts248722 butt38159 cbt465 clothed male nude female1502 clothes418766 commission56277 doll5809 fighting over something3 flower trio537 great macintosh195 gritted teeth10637 groin attack101 jeans3580 kneeing11 lidded eyes27617 muscles10450 nipples148613 nude female22 nudity337772 pain1724 pants12713 partial nudity17920 scene interpretation7992 topless11422 toy21153 want it need it175


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