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Brutalight Sparcake

I want to draw her quite some time already and finally…I done it!!!! 1/10<--- this is not a rate, it's a countdown =P

Character belongs to TIShadster
Jul 20, 2015
semi-grimdark29950 artist:mysteryart71648 twilight sparkle300567 wild card67 alicorn224800 elements of insanity374 anti-heroine66 blood24636 bloody feathers3 bloody hooves18 brutalight sparcake145 confident779 crucifix104 dirty1814 faic12338 female1364824 insanity2622 jar1053 jarate61 magic73357 magical telekinesis10 mare481569 multicolored mane1562 multicolored tail1193 pee in container157 purple fur78 scimitar66 shrunken pupils3159 smiling249002 solo1065487 sword11688 telekinesis27776 tomboy1139 twilight sparkle (alicorn)123770 urine6591 weapon30536


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