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I made a Bikini Texture Pack for the NexGen models. You can find it once you join the NexGen Discord server and head over to the community addons channel.

Special thanks to kevhon for suggesting designs and providing feedback and for all the other people who submitted their OCs to showcase the new designs.
suggestive136739 artist:epsilonwolf50 princess cadance31883 princess celestia92929 princess luna97158 starlight glimmer47074 sunset shimmer60814 twilight sparkle293586 twilight velvet4108 oc652589 oc:cyanide3 oc:golden lust153 oc:icy heart185 oc:midnight grave76 oc:noctilucent134 oc:shimmering spectacle203 alicorn214332 bat pony47096 pegasus271636 unicorn301843 anthro249191 plantigrade anthro30540 3d71348 alicorn oc25140 american flag bikini97 bat pony oc16112 bat wings8575 beach14152 bikini17300 bikini bottom956 bikini top1597 breasts264668 clothes440968 cow swimsuit25 cowkini148 cowprint1037 european union52 feet38090 female1317709 females only11888 german flag bikini1 group photo744 hands on breasts198 hands on hip563 hands on thighs92 horn58487 leopard print62 leopard print swimsuit7 lying down14157 magical lesbian spawn11279 magical threesome spawn530 milf9132 nexgen738 pegasus oc8605 s1 luna7151 sand2176 side hug383 sitting60018 smiling233912 source filmmaker43691 string bikini692 swimsuit27040 unicorn oc6795 unicorn twilight15859 wings96366 winking at you594 zebra print10 zebra print swimsuit1


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