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safe1636420 artist:tjpones3451 princess celestia92177 princess luna96395 alicorn210354 pony901515 :|389 body writing1985 eyes closed85943 female1302478 levitation11383 lineart19762 long neck987 looking up15251 magic69592 mare448325 marker363 monochrome145933 open mouth132930 pen1161 princess necklestia63 pun7311 ruler330 simple background369688 size difference13166 snooty24 spread wings50642 telekinesis26171 visual pun1594 wat18763 white background91694 wide eyes16510 wings92336


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Background Pony #24C1
@Thorned Rose Ninja
My teacher pointed towards me with her ruler and said, "At the end of this ruler, there's an idiot."

I got sent to the moon after asking which end.

n i c e