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This one has fixed horn magic on the 3rd panel oopsie daisy #mlpfim #mlp
safe1688606 artist:docwario1006 fizzlepop berrytwist9207 lemon hearts2159 minuette5800 moondancer4823 rarity180146 starlight glimmer48121 sunset shimmer62242 sweetie belle48658 tempest shadow16692 trixie66841 twinkleshine2243 pony950326 unicorn315737 cute197217 dialogue64454 diner323 food68957 ice cream4960 inconvenient trixie316 onion112 onion rings16 reformed unicorn meeting12 sad24297 sadorable867 sweetie belle is not amused145 teary eyes3992 unamused15941 wavy mouth3604


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Trixie: "Uh, Storm King, can we ask you a question?"
Stormking: "Go ahead."
Trixie: "Do you know where we can score some cocaine?"
Stormking: "You want some candy?"
Trixie: "Uh, no thanks. But it'd be great if we could get some cocaine."

(Meanwhile, in the undercover icecream truck)

Spike: "What's so funny?"
Twilight: "Those mares are doomed!"