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safe1687424 artist:pony quarantine683 sunset shimmer62198 equestria girls197696 2 panel comic1181 alternate hairstyle27669 alternative outfit6 armband853 blanket5250 clothes452525 comic107857 couch8035 drawthread2359 hat85263 have a good day1 hot ice1 jar1033 l.a. beast2 light switch54 poster5219 shirt24356 sodium acetate trihydrate1 television2434 this ended in pain193


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Background Pony #33A1
Yeesh. It's the salt of a very strong alkali and a very weak acid. In water solution I'd expect it to be pretty alkaline and NOT want to stick my hand in it.

I am a little confused how the quote `Hot Ice` could suddenly freeze like that around her fingers. So, I googled it.
Hot Ice is freaking SCARY!!! At least at first appearance.