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It's been three months since school had started. It sure is fun and much more

different from what I had expected before. We are doing a lot of trips and often learn

by doing rather than just reading about it.
I definitely prefer this over the ordinary style of school. I especially enjoy the

lessons of Miss Rarity and Fluttershy. Though I am not quite good at sewing — which

Miss Rarity often likes to include in her lessons — but she often praises me of how

much I have learned about generosity.
"Class is over." a voice tears me out of my thoughts: "You can go to your next

class.". I look up from the very misshapen bunny I had made today and am met with the

diamond blue eyes of Miss Rarity. "Oh! I was in thoughts, Miss Rarity!" I excuse

She bats slightly me over the head with her ruler "I said stop calling me MISS! I'm

not that old!" she insists and I chuckle "Sorry — force of habit.". She eyed me up "So,

who were you dreaming about?" she asks sheepishly.
I shake my head "Nothing much! Just that I really enjoy your classes.". She laughs

"You cannot fool ME!" and walks towards the chalk board "I can see the look in your

eyes." She turns around "My best student is thinking about his special somepony again!

Did you have to leave her behind at Manehatten? That must have been traumatic!".
She looks at me with compassion and I vigioursly shake my head "Oh Celestia no! I've

never had a special somepony. Now that I think of I've never had emotions for anypony

either.". Rarity stared at me through squinted eyes whilst leaning against her table.

"I don't believe you." she declaired. "Hm… I think our next lession must be about

being more open abour your feelings." she pondered for a moment.
She takes a few notes then looks back up at me. "You're still here?" she notices and

a shiver runs down my spine "Oh yeah I was just about to". She interrupts me: "I guess

I can give you a little heads up.". She throws me a sideway glance as she walks up and

down in front of the chalkboard.
"Sometimes you might find yourself to think that it's best to keep your thoughts and

feelings to yourself. But! If you are friends with someone it's important to always

give a voice to your emotions! It's just DREADFUL to surpress them and you will be

utterly distressed! I had to learn to be open about my feelings too….." and she goes

on and on. I highly doubt that she had ever had troubles displaying her emotions

But what she said made me think. My emotions… What did I feel…? I looked out the

large window and spotted a little songbird chirping away on the branch of a tree. It

reminded me of the birds at the sactuary. Of Fluttershy and her beautiful singing voice

when she sings with The Pony Tones.
"HA!" once again Rarity rips me from me thoughts. "There's that look again! You

cannot tell me you're not thinking of anyone!" she sais and comes up close to me face

"Tell me." she demands in a whisper.
"I-I'm not!" I retort. She can be quite intimidating if she wants to know something.

She sighs and turns away again "Well you can leave then. For real this time." and I

pack up my things and leave for the next class.

The whole day I couldn't stop shaking the strange feeling Rarity had given me. I

finally relax a bit once I leave the school and make my way towards my appartment. I

open the main door and go up the stairs to my appartment where I nearly walked into

She suddenly started shaking me "You need to help me! Angel isn't feeling well!" and

before I even knew what happened I had sprinted with her to her house and she opened

the door for me to enter for the first time.
We usually only met at the sanctuary so there was never a need for me to go to her

house. I only saw it from the outside once or twice. It was a pretty, overgrown little

home. Perfect for an animal friend like her.
Even on the inside it looked like animals were surely at home here aswell. Chairs

from big to small for any kind of animal for her regular tea parties. I noticed one

that was kind of throne-like and from its strange look I figured this would be a chair

specifically for Discord. Now that Twilight wasn't here anymore he had become her best

She proceeds to show me Angelbunny in his little bed who's cold and shaking. "I've

been trying to help him all day but he just can't sleep!" she whimpers with big,

worried eyes. She is clearly near to tears.
I mix up some herbs I find in her kitchen and make a tea with some shredded carrot

for a better taske (that's her idea
he doesn't drink the tea otherwise) and soon he

was sound asleep.

She sits down on the couch with a big sigh and I bring the cup to the kitchen and

clean it. I notice a lot of dishes she didn't manage to clean yet and decide to finish

it up for her.
Once I come out of the kitchen I see that she is asleep. She must have worried so

much that she's now completely drained.
I make sure Angel has a constant flow of fresh tea once wakes up and carry him out

for a toilet whilst she's sleeing for several hours.
She slowly starts to wake up just as I return with an empty cup. She looks out the

window and sees that it was already dark and starts to hyperventilate. "Don't worry!" I

hold her shoulders "I took care of him. He's sleeping again." and she calms down again.
"Thank you…" she whispers with a look around and her eyes turned watery again "You

even cleaned up!". I giggle "I had a lot of time." but she was still on the verge of

tears. I open my mouth to say something but she threw herself at me hugging me, crying.
"Thank you so much! It's been so much work lately you're such a big help and you keep

doing much more for me every day!" she sniffs and after the inital surprise wore off I

hugged her back "Don't worry about it. I love doing it.". Her body was warm against

mine. It's been years since I hugged a pony other than my parents… Did it always feel

so… hot?
"I don't even know what I could do to ever return all these favors!" she whimpered.

"You don't have to!" I replied and let go to look at her "You really don't!". She

looked at me with flattened ears "Why? You did more to help me than any of my friends,

there must be something I can do for you…".
She looked clearly uncomfortable, thinking I would put her in my debt with all my

help. I shake my head "It really is fine." and once again she was about to say

something but without thinking first I suddenly kept talking… and couldn't stop

"I… I really enjoy doing all of this. I can finally use my talent for something

good. And…" I avert my look "I like spending time with you… You're so kind and

sweet… I'm used to everypony being grumpy and unhappy in Manehatten. I've never

really met anyone so good natured as you. It makes me feel… at home…" we're both

quiet for a while and I look at her again without turning my head towards her.
I can't quite read her expression but I still can't stop myself… The words just

tumbled out like water off the cliff of a waterfall.
"I think… I might feel a bit more than that…" I finally confessed. I see that her

expression slowly grew more and more surprised and her coat around her cheeks and

muzzle turn slightly rosy "Dew… I… I… I…" she stuttered.
I shook my head "I'm not expecting any answer. I'm happy with how things are right

now. It's just… good that you know." I made myself clear and gave her a quick little

and gentle kiss on her soft cheek and left. She said something but I couldn't hear it

anymore. My ears sounded like blood was rushing through them like I'm in the middle of

a huge stream. I need to get home and just… get into my head what I just said.


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