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explicit361603 artist:alcor1005 fluttershy217286 human158978 pony1011073 comic:hearts aflutter22 anatomically correct24802 bed42362 clitoris28416 clothes476233 comic111488 eep71 eyes closed98145 female1402348 female orgasm876 fingering4736 fondling495 hair trigger26 human male6785 human male on mare3721 human on pony action10714 interspecies23594 kissing25383 making out649 male388182 mare502402 nudity382448 orgasm12265 pants15323 pink clitoris12 pink vagina20 sex125753 shirt26189 socks68590 spread pussy3875 squirting2639 straight140354 urethra2481 vagina49877 vaginal secretions40923 vulva132365 vulvar winking12370


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Since the Beginning  -

Sure, but being nervous doesn't make you think that being aroused makes you a bad person. That is part of the whole "no sex before marriage" business.
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Background Pony #D846
Wingnut and Tyko going ham on this comic. <3 I’m just here for that thicc anon D.
Im too lasy to log on main, besides isnt the meme dont be horny on main?
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Background Pony #BA33
"does this make me a bad pony?"

Oh yeah. Terrible. How DARE you get aroused when having sex with your husband, who you just married.

I'm not sure I follow her logic here.
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#1 Rarijack Enthusiast
Don't you two dare stop smoochin! Keep those lips locked and those tongues intertwined the entire time!!
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That is such a beautiful pink pussy x3
And she went ahead and came so early and squirted in the hands of her husband. So cute!
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