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Shaved ice is hot this summer!
safe1971381 artist:fuyugi259 fluttershy238149 pinkie pie238566 rainbow dash259303 twilight sparkle332887 alicorn274381 earth pony361334 pegasus406486 pony1323080 blushing238602 bowl2087 cloud37839 crepuscular rays3934 cute236151 dessert455 drool30285 female1603000 folded wings12910 hoof hold10870 ice cream stand16 japanese9557 leaning4534 lens flare1980 looking at you217017 mare618165 nap526 on a cloud2472 outdoors16029 shaved ice22 shaved ice machine1 shyabetes16971 sitting78596 sleeping26720 smiling331128 solo focus23282 spoon1674 spread wings75391 street999 summer1818 table11283 three quarter view2355 translated in the comments3110 tree41425 twilight sparkle (alicorn)138546 vendor99 vendor stall64 wings174974


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Twilight’s booth is called “Shaved ice”.
Signs below:  
“Tropical juice - 200”  
“Strawberry - 150”  
“Lemon - 150”  
“Melon - …”
Just Wayne
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Umbreon is best Pokemon!
@Background Pony #F0F4  
Ice cream is soft and contains milk. Shaved ice is just ice with syrup so it’s crunching and cooler. In my country, we even add ingredients more than syrup like mangoes, tapioca pearl, and red/green beans etc.
Background Pony #F0F4
What’s shaved ice cream like and how is it different from normal ice cream?
Background Pony #B1F4
We have something called ice kachang which is a high calorie version of shaved ice.
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I miss the show so much
This is the first time I’ve heard of shaved ice. I don’t think it’s available where I live, unless you make it yourself.