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Originally posted on: May 13, 2020
And here it is! My attempt at this six fan arts challenge and I must say it was actually quite fun trying characters from franchises I haven't drawn for. Kinda took me out of my comfort zone in a way.
Thank you all for the suggestions for this challenge.

1. Superman — DC Comics (suggested by scifiguy9000 )
2. Lemmy Koopa — Super Mario (suggested by poisndartdragoon )
3. Shard the Metal Sonic — Sonic the Hedgehog Archie Comic Series (suggested by marissasart ) To be honest, I had never heard of Shard up until that suggestion…
4. Pink Diamond — Steven Universe (suggested by eelune )
5. Sheila — Spyro (suggested by alvro )
6. Fluttershy — MLP: FIM (suggested by whiscashgirl )
safe1637886 artist:normalphantasm1 fluttershy205503 human148522 pegasus265424 pony903624 robot7396 turtle485 anthro245323 anthro with ponies2466 crossover59967 dc comics1332 female1303824 lemmy koopa27 male350618 mare449051 pink diamond (steven universe)28 shard the metal sonic3 sheila4 six fanarts1516 sonic the hedgehog (series)7335 spyro the dragon (series)7 steven universe1442 super mario bros.3697 superman617


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