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Would the fandom truly be better without men?
Who knows, but here's the opinion of one fan on that matter.


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every fandom has naughty aspects to it. At least mlp did things like safe search wrap up to help. And to say no men really cuts out all the kinky ladies who make/indulge in things. I forget the number but there is the internet rules of it exists so there is pron of it.
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My Little Pony - 1992 Edition

This comic was drawn by a Russian girl artist. It caused a negative reaction in the Russian community. She believes that women don't draw porn and don't masturbate

Well, there's the problem, then. She's suffering from hysteria and needs a proper paroxysm.
Artist -

@Tumblr Feminism Is A joke
Hear hear! But for real, a lot of those activist just want to everyone change so that they can feel comfortable, if such a state even exists for them. Their cynical view of the world seems to become the norm, they expect the worst of everyone and anyone opposing their "righteous" causes will be demonized.

The biggest issue is that companies would have to deny them, plain and simple. But they don't because in their mind at least they think its more profitable to bow down to angry screechers and that's all they care about.
Tumblr Feminism Is A joke
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My Little Pony - 1992 Edition

I mean Pinkiepony was the most popular and well supported anti brony feminist even after she told a suicdal boy that he was a fucking faggot who should go kill himself, stole from charity, drove a teenager to self harm, harassed actual feminists instead of useless peices of shit and tried to deport a feminist husband, but I guess it's not as bad as those men who like mlp and draw sexy images of them, right?

After the shit that end of the fandom has done shut the fuck up about calling us toxic in comparison.

We have a president whose apparently Hitler 2.0, an alleged feminsit rape stastic of 1/5, Neo Nazis and feminsit genuses decide the cause that needs their slacktivism is… men watching my little pony? Fucking useless pieces of shit, go work in a soup kitchen or something. Even clicking this https://www.thenonprofits.com/ is better activism because it at least gives money to charity.

What is the fucking point of becoming an "activist" if nothing you do makes anything better and people use that banner to do stupid shit like cyber bullying? What are you fucking adding aside from boosting your own vanity? If you're going to be self righteous at least try and make sure something your "righteous" actions do actually fucking helps someone otherwise fuck off, you aren't adding anything to feminism or activism.

If any "feminist" want to prove me wrong, show me who you have been able to help with your slacktivism or fuck off with your vain, useless, bullshit.

Seriously we've had a decade of anti brony feminism, in defiance of Lauren Faust who has always welcome male fans. What the fuck have you achieved? What's better? If you haven't noticed anyone helped by your "feminist activism" how the fuck is anyone else going to notice it? Are you going to do anything about the rape culture found in places like Hollywood? Or did you join this particular banner because you didn't want to risk accidently helping someone with your feminist activism?

I buy shopping for an old man who struggles to get out of the house each week. In what way am I a not a far superior activist to you?

The message of the post is that stallions can be depicted in the R34 format, because they are stallions. And you can't draw mares like that. So much for the equality of women and men.

I won't say that many girls in fandom draw R34. But why can't ponies be sexy? I'm sorry, but friendship and love are at the heart of the show. Love of a couple without sex is something out of the ordinary. In addition, not all men draw or write about sex, not all.

And why are there only six main characters in the picture? Where is Braeburn, Big Macintosh, Shining Armor?!

* * *
Я не буду говорить, что в фэндоме много девушек рисуют R34. Но почему пони не могут быть сексуальными? Я извиняюсь, но дружба и любовь — основа сериала. Любовь пары без секса — это нечто из ряда вон выходящее. Кроме того, не все мужчины рисуют или пишут про секс, далеко не все.

И почему на картинке только шестёрка главных героев? Где Брейбёрн, Биг Макинтош, Шайнинг Армор!

I am a man and I don't like NSFW and other weird stuff.
Plus, many girls draw porn too.
It was more correct to write "Without perverts".
Artist -

I mean regardless… the sentiment is just wrong in SOOO many ways. If people wanna talk about a harmful message that sends out completely wrong message that isn't accurate at all.

People just need to compare the safe to explicit ratio to realize that majority of art is wholesome. That only men draw porn is about as ridiculous as it gets. Besides of course the obligatory few bad apples that just exist everywhere, we got a fantastic fandom and true toxicity mostly made its home on Twitter.
My Little Pony - 1992 Edition
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Because wanting to fuck someone is totally mutually exclusive from liking or respecting them.

Well there goes my chances of being unreasonably mad at it.

This comic was drawn by a Russian girl artist. It caused a negative reaction in the Russian community. She believes that women don't draw porn and don't masturbate