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Commissioned by GeneralDirection on Mlpforums for a couple he knows, that apparently have no art of their oc's together, hope yall last in a long happy relationship guys! Hope you like it too!

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safe1588748 artist:monsoonvisionz43 oc612670 earth pony203755 pony855936 unicorn271230 chest fluff32904 cloud27518 colored pupils8884 commission53824 ear fluff23836 eye contact6182 female929624 field999 floral head wreath1860 flower22527 fluffy13003 grass8315 leg fluff2533 levitation10679 lidded eyes26324 looking at each other16848 magic66526 male309713 mare420972 oc x oc13377 open mouth124900 raised hoof39881 shading1483 shipping185609 shoulder fluff1425 smiling218390 stallion94255 straight122792 telekinesis24918


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