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Commission for

Fluttershy WINS!!!
Poor Aria, I suppose she was 'bound' to lose.

Let me know what you guys think
suggestive129316 artist:bugssonicx57 aria blaze9266 fluttershy199481 pinkie pie204632 posey shy1069 sunset shimmer58238 equestria girls182003 ariasub56 barefoot24622 black belt132 blushing177870 bondage30647 bound and gagged501 breasts242866 cloth gag1343 equestria girls-ified8584 exhausted418 feet35082 female916417 femsub9385 fluttersub173 gag13337 gi253 hair bondage21 hogtied542 hojojutsu1 implied fight25 karate196 martial arts386 medal509 muffled words311 one eye closed25699 pinkiesub142 ponytail15829 rope10397 rope bondage3211 submissive13822 subset150 sweat23299 tied up5063 tournament23


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3 comments posted
Conversed Corruption
Artist -

Well then...
"I suppose she was bound to lose." (Repeatedly points finger) aahh muh boi I saw what you did there. Adding more humiliation to the losers by binding them is definitely a different approach to winning this type of martial arts tournament and I'm not even into any sort of bondage unless it's deserving like towards criminals.