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Page 1411 — Nights of the Round
1st Aug 2020, 6:00 AM

One of the many small joys of doing a screencap comic of a cartoon, still true after all these years, is the blink frames. Expressions change instantly, just for a fraction of a second, and never at the same time.

DM: Princess Mi Amore Cadenza goes through the rest of her pre-wedding checkup routine, and not much of note happens. Whether she's simply calmed down or has noticed you watching her, it's hard to say. The night falls on the shielded city of Canterlot. Princess Luna ascends to take Celestia's place in watching over their little ponies. Once the six of you have wrapped up your respective tasks for the day, you meet for some refreshing drinks in the evening at a quiet cafe. There hasn't been any other suspicious movement to be seen from your various stations, but there's still a palpable tension in the air as the lockdown continues and the wedding day approaches.
Twilight Sparkle: Alright, girls. Time to decide what we're doing about Cadance.
Applejack: Now *that's* a heck of a loaded sentence…
Rarity: Bit of a cavalier tone when the subject is your potential sister-in-law, at least.
Rainbow Dash: When do we gank her? You thinkin' tonight?
safe1588733 artist:newbiespud1301 edit119504 edited screencap57169 screencap203792 applejack160132 fluttershy199554 pinkie pie204736 princess celestia90531 princess luna94434 rainbow dash220886 rarity170976 spike75317 twilight sparkle284742 alicorn198033 dragon48908 earth pony203751 pegasus244659 pony855931 unicorn271230 comic:friendship is dragons1461 a canterlot wedding2415 clothes414276 comic102315 dialogue61016 dress39986 female929619 flying34674 hat77500 hoof shoes4238 male309709 mane seven5926 mane six29669 mare420969 necktie6282 night23091 open mouth124900 outdoors7802 royal guard7075 screencap comic4212 sitting55812 stallion94254 stars13694 table8308 telescope739 top hat3771 unicorn twilight13220


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