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NOTE: I did not make this vector. All credit goes to the original artist.
NOTE: Out of all the entries in this series, this one is my personal second-favorite. ;)

These are the new outfits for the Rainbooms. It's something I had planned to do since the end of Holidays Unwrapped.

Vectors are free. Remember to give me credit for the vector.
safe1586164 artist:lhenao235 artist:selenaede1449 artist:sugar-loop316 applejack159913 human143823 equestria girls181718 alternate outfits55 applejack's hat5547 base used16213 belt4685 boots19398 clothes413233 cowboy hat13389 cowgirl478 cute180252 cutie mark41383 cutie mark on clothes991 denim skirt1320 female908962 hairband1049 hand on hip4665 hat77326 ponytail15808 shirt21505 shoes30820 simple background348537 skirt35801 smiling217753 solo979919 transparent background180520 vector71482


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