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Science has gone too far
safe1589703 artist:assasinmonkey793 equestria girls182209 animated92709 cowboy hat13452 cursed image469 dame da ne3 deepfake4 has science gone too far?67 hat77583 japanese7937 kill it with fire61 meme78863 music2549 neural network576 neural network abomination36 nightmare fuel3509 singing5897 solo982632 sound6956 uncanny valley879 webm10439 yakuza23 yakuza 04


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My Little Pony - 1992 Edition
Artist -

update: i got a pony working with it, almost perfectly, with a new source
Everyone please recommend your favorite lypsinced musical tho, i need motion sources that aren't as boring as the performance i found. Please remember, it works better if the performer has no glasses and puts no objects near his face (or hands)

'); DROP TABLE Title; --
Well, the lip sync is on point. Compared to what I've seen so far, anyway.

I wonder if the unnaturally large size of the eyes is the cause of some of the artifacts around there.
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"neural network abomination"
it's beautiful

It's a natural network beauty.

Even if many here are horrified, I like where technology brought us. Thanks to voice actors in the fandom and AI, we can make them say words we like. There are also enough storry writers here. We are able to draw our own pictures of ponies and show them around. Now we can make them move. We also have alternative methodes like SFM. Money is also available in this fandom, if the cause is right.

We have the talent. Now we have the technology. Even if Hasbro stop producing G4-content, we can keep it alive! I welcome our new AI overlord.
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If the face weren't constantly warping,and had a consistent shape,this would still be weird. The lip sync is oddly accurate.