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Just a sweet little something of G5 Fluttershy and G5 Big Macintosh together.

I can't say I expect this to happen in G5 when it finally premiers. My heart would do a backflip if it did, even if it wasn't between the Fluttershy and Big Mac I had known, but I won't be expecting it.

I think my interpretation of G5 Big Mac turned out okay. He looks different, but still looks like Big Mac and I think I managed to not make myself look silly with my redesign, so I'm happy with it. I thought of giving him his yoke/horse collar but I ended up leaving it off for the same reason I usually leave it off, it was one less thing to draw and it would have gotten in the way of him cuddling with Fluttershy.

With that done, I'll see you all when I see you, either next month or sooner.
safe1589472 anonymous artist2309 big macintosh27008 fluttershy199626 earth pony204187 pony856575 unicorn271549 series:fm holidays89 big macintosh (g5)2 female933638 fluttermac2671 fluttershy (g5)272 g4 to g524 g51129 lidded eyes26407 lineless3510 looking at each other16875 male310530 mare421302 neck nuzzle200 no pupils3494 one eye closed25764 raised hoof39914 redesign1744 shipping185717 simple background349946 stallion94368 straight122870 text51838 white background88493


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