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This is the first page of Detention Is Magic, but with Korean Language only. You can Translate it by Reading the Original Comic Radness March you have.

Original One

P.S. Just Filter "Human coloration" tag if you don't like their skins. Don't comment it
safe1589708 artist:pencils1229 edit119665 editor:michaelsety120 idw14306 applejack160190 cranky doodle donkey921 fluttershy199648 ms. harshwhinny2225 pinkie pie204822 rainbow dash220988 rarity171056 sci-twi22371 sunset shimmer58282 trixie62776 twilight sparkle284908 equestria girls182209 spoiler:comicequestriagirlsmarchradness189 detention85 detention is magic1 human coloration4480 humane eight59 humane five2852 humane seven2157 humane six2727 jewelry52146 korean1467 page76 ring2269


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