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Inspired by Doc Wario’s comic:
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safe2171637 artist:dstears737 fizzlepop berrytwist9900 grubber922 starlight glimmer59905 sunset shimmer79025 tempest shadow18996 trixie79479 hedgehog891 pony1599758 unicorn536726 g42026447 my little pony: the movie21432 4k3341 broken horn15922 bunset shimmer2876 butt230761 counterparts934 cute265392 cutie mark51357 daaaaaaaaaaaw7001 diatrixes3847 female1799651 food101100 food truck117 glimmerbetes4781 grin62870 happy44437 high res407633 horn189045 ice cream6649 ice cream truck70 licking27665 licking lips5656 magic96462 magical trio494 male549763 mare739081 palm tree2838 plot143800 reformed unicorn meeting20 sharing179 shimmerbetes5247 smiling396471 sweet dreams fuel2046 telekinesis38981 tempestbetes2717 tongue out146875 tree49187 truck1006 twilight's counterparts924 wallpaper20815 wholesome1434


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Background Pony #469A
You know, when people say “Ice cream truck” I usually picture ice pops… but that works too I guess.