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suggestive132675 artist:tjpones3395 applejack162615 earth pony216095 pony883935 applebutt3914 applejack is not amused613 applejack's hat6047 bumper sticker30 butt41578 cowboy hat14067 dock45809 featureless crotch6460 female1286477 hat79563 high res23366 looking at you152649 looking back51979 looking back at you12437 mare439640 plot73134 rude156 solo1004018 unamused14634 vulgar19651


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My Little Pony - 1992 Edition

I can almost see the immeasurable amount of memes being made out of this right now.

“Kick Me”

“This is America’s Ass”

“Buck Off”

“The last thing you see before you die”

“I dare you”

“Property of (insert name here)”

Yeah, it’s only a matter of time…
Background Pony #A2D1
Needs a sticker on the left butt cheek with "YES" in green and on the right butt cheek with "NO" in red.

Yes, this is a Blazing Saddles reference.