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A Spike toy with wings. Unheard of … unless you lived in Mexico, Argentina, or Brazil (

This was a Happy Meal toy released in 2019 ("Cajita Feliz" in Mexico). Unfortunately, it came out only in parts of Latin America. It is so hard to get — I have never found it on eBay. But here it is — Spike with wings perched in my bedroom in all his glory!

Safe to say, getting him was no easy task. I have found this toy for sale online — but only from a Latin American equivalent to eBay that doesn't ship to the U.S. On eBay, I had to pay someone to make the purchase for me — and then forward it to me. When the postman finally arrived, I had to sign a form.

I ordered two, since I was already paying a steep price for the service. The other remains unopened, being saved as a pure collector's item. In all, I paid about $27 for each toy. As a Spike fan, I thought it was totally worth it!
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Friends with Autism
My experience is that it can be really hard to find. I have never found it on eBay. I have found it only on MercadoLibre, and that site does not ship to the U.S. To get mine into America, I had to commission someone to forward it to me. Here are my seller's current offers for forwarding: