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safe1751997 artist:donmarcino49 color edit7782 edit135967 editor:michaelsety180 rainbow dash238746 trixie68767 human159052 equestria girls207391 alternate clothes1715 alternate hairstyle29101 babysitter trixie531 belly button81432 breasts288997 buckball fan gear rainbow dash34 cleavage35673 clothes476469 exhausted497 female1403166 gameloft4900 gameloft interpretation338 grass10160 hoodie14981 human coloration5387 humanized101976 jacket13167 light skin4818 light skin edit124 midriff19867 open clothes2799 open mouth154713 open shirt1350 pants15329 pigtails4948 ponytail18890 race track174 running6159 shoes38779 shorts14552 skin color edit172 sky15002 sleeveless4981 sneakers5228 socks68617 sports bra3544 sports shoes48 sports shorts1188 stars16317 sweatpants381 tracksuit238 twintails1757 zipper825


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Yep, I utterly love Trixie, but giving her a new look and declaring her a ‘baby sitter’ is equally hilarious to me as them making her a Guidance Counselor.
Again, she is my favorite character, but damn do the writers like giving her roles that will never end well.
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Honestly what does Trixie even have to do with babysitting? I mean they could’ve made AJ or Fluttershy babysitters, you know ponies with actual experience with foals. But nah lets have the pony that would make the worst babysitter ever do that. The foals will be totally fine and she will totally not do something idiotic that will scar them for life.