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safe1749288 alternate version49705 artist:thebrokencog891 scootaloo51900 spike80461 human158832 anime5672 beach15874 belly button81151 bikini18949 clothes475467 commission72930 female1400854 frisbee94 humanized101857 male387634 midriff19824 nipples175229 sand2508 scootaspike199 shipping205537 shorts14524 straight140237 swimsuit29535 tankini183 water14223


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@Brass Beau
Because I think everyone would be at least a little nervous around their crush.

Or, if you want a more comedic answer, because she accidentally crashed into the bathroom while Spike was taking a shower. That really did happen in the IDW comics. Friends Forever #2, if I remember correctly.
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Brass Beau

Howdy from Shimmer Pope
Of the three Crusaders, Scootaloo is the most likely to make a move on a crush, no question. She's cute with Spike.
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