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The title is fake,of course.
Basbro:discriminates lesbo horse ships by only confirming Lyrabon
Me:fight for musician rights but get stuck in the sketch
What a disaster that nobody is there to say musician rights
P.S:I was complaining that I didn't make their characteristics distinctive when one of my genius friends say that wives take after each other.OMG
safe1727578 artist:yaaaco310 dj pon-329474 octavia melody23998 vinyl scratch29475 earth pony256802 pony987807 unicorn332559 alternate hairstyle28613 ear piercing27050 earring21645 female1381853 jewelry65730 lesbian98130 mare491245 piercing42148 scratchtavia2973 shipping202944 simple background401294 smiling254421 smirk12731 white background100321


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