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This is due out Aug 12.


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By "reintroducing", I mean like taking something from the comics but something like hasn't appeared in the continulaity till now.
Like the Deers for example, "reintroduce" them by that arc they were in didn't happen but a different event and stuff happened instead to introduce the Deer.

I feel like it should be ignoring the other comics all together and follow only the show's continuality(with "reintroducing" certain stuff from the comics like King Vorak or something).
If it references something like Cosmos, they should well.. pretty much make something that contradicts that arc hard to show its not-canon.

@northern haste
The season 10 comics should be ignoring those certain arcs honestly.
Like having a clean slate and follow only what was in the show.
Whatever the comics introduce(like King Vorak who got referenced in the show)they should "reintroduce" said things.
Like a do-over. Like for the Deers, they certainly need a different debut(since the actual one is crappy) but also to properly explain why didn't they appear in the show(especially during the crisis in the series finale where all of Equestria joined up).
northern haste
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@Lord You Know Who
Funny thing is IDW has done separate series to fit in the show. Magic and the movie prequals were directly designed to Inter show and movie to give more information and being separate From the main series meant they can be canon.
Apart from celebrating issue 100 I can think of no reason why they didn't make season 10 A separate series
Lord You Know Who
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@northern haste

Our point is that IDW continuity has stuff like Sombra being alive and redeemed, a different backstory for the Dazzlings, and even different characterization for Star Swirl. If you label something as "Season 10", then it has to strictly follow the show's continuity, or else you get massive continuity problems.
Lord You Know Who
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I have to agree. What's the point of billing these comics as "Season 10" if they are gonna follow the IDW continuity? If they are follow the IDW continuity, then they are not "Season 10", they are just more IDW stuff that's divorced from the show.

It's like the different between a Scrooge McDuck comic and a DuckTales comic. Different continuities.
Lord You Know Who
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@northern haste

Isn't the entire selling point that this is a canonical tenth season of the main show? And that we are supposed to ignore all comics that came before it?

Like Buffy: Season 8, 9 and 10 being canonical seasons of the show, and we are supposed to ignore all the Buffy comics that came before that.

@northern haste
And apparently the device is pointless with the sisters actually give up whats part of their freaking cutie mark to Twilight like that.
I get the device might needs to be recharged but that could have been used an excuse for Twilight to visit the sisters more often.
Or.. let the sisters continue raising the sun/moon and Twilight has one less major thing to worry about on her job. Or at least let Luna continue raising the moon.