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i bet u have your own story on how you discover the magic of friendship 😃


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Even though I first knew about FiM on February and July 2011, I openly accepted the fandom three years later to celebrate the Year of the Horse. It was all because FiM back then was like the other memes, such as Youtube Poop and rage comics.

During that interval, I mostly orbited around FiM to look at the Hub's Facebook pages get swarmed by annoying bronies, and at the Cupcakes fanfic to see how would Pinkie get punished for murdering Dash. That Cupcakes fanfic sometimes made me imagine myself torturing Pinkie Pie, and it in turn led me to create the Ontemazei aliens for my stories.

Much of my time in the fandom has to do with reading fanfics, laughing at fanart, and posting and making art for my friends on a Facebook group, and it was thanks to this group that led me to have a few more friends. I also met their members on Comic Fiestas (a yearly Comic Con in Malaysia) and at one meeting at 2018.

Nowadays, I tend to be less active in the fandom, as I tend to focus more on my own fictional works, which were in turn influenced by FiM. I am mostly here to post MLP fanart and share anything related to MLP that I made to some fans.
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okay, my bad, i couldn't find the right one at first, either. humbly request that my last post be deleted.

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Be careful what you ask for, Rainbow; my story begins when one Seargent Sprinkles decided to post a little thing called Cupcakes
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2012 4chan /co/

found a post about MLP

actually went and watched because it had Lauren faust as the artist (powerpuff girls was my fav childhood show)
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August 2011. I was adrift on the internet and kept seeing pony stuff. My curiosity was piqued and I decided to see what it was about. I watched the first two episodes on youtube expecting some kindergarten level garbage people were using as an ironic meme. To my surprise, it was actually a good show. Gradually MLP pulled me in. I watched the rest of season one, discovered Equestria Daily, started to read some great fanfics, and lurked Ponibooru of old.
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Looking up documentaries on gender dynamics on YouTube after my family called me out on me liking The Little Mermaid at age 16.
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It was 2014, my last year of high school. I had not too long ago discovered that fanfiction was thing and set about devouring stories related to my favorite media, Half Life, Dark Souls, Homestuck, and of course Fallout.

I was aware bronies were a thing but didn’t think much about them, positively or negatively, then I heard about Fallout: Equestria and what a phenomenon it had become in various circles. People told me it was really enjoyable even if you were only a Fallout fan, so with some trepidation I checked it out.

While the lack of greater context hampered me a times, I still found it enjoyable, though unfortunately I never did finish it because instead of sticking with one story all the way through, I tended to spread my attention over many stories and become distracted, a bad habit I still carry.

After that, ponies officially occupied a spot in my mind, and over the summer I decided to give the show a chance. Despite usually having a distaste for the saccharine (being a young adult bound for college, I took myself a little too seriously at the time) I really enjoyed it and binged the four seasons available at the time, then eagerly awaited the fifth. Read a crapload of fanfiction, started posting on /mlp/, made a DB account, got seriously addicted to the porn, stopped posting on /mlp/ for the sake of my own sanity, and that’s about it.

I think it was around 2012 but after seeing some memes i thought i'd check it out see what the fuss was about. I actually started by watching the first Equestria Girls movie on YouTube (turning it down during every song as not to rouse suspicion) and needless to say i actually enjoyed it, this led to me finding the show online and after 9 seasons, 5 movies, a small fortune on merch and one bad ass Applejack tattoo later i'm still a Brony.
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2013. Middle school It all started with a friend's Shadowbolts pin, then him introducing me to the first EQG movie.

I kinda kept it on the sidelines, until most of my irl friends began watching it even more, even creating OCs together. I stopped testing the waters and dove in headfirst around the middle/end of season 6/ early season 7. Probably one of the few things that has kept my attention for so long and still enjoying/drawing long after, and here I still am.
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Oh, that's an easy one: In late 2010 — early 2011 the furry porn boards I was hanging around were suddenly flooded by tons of pony art. Was dismissive of it at first, then started to like it. Then I found Ponibooru. Then, after Ponibooru's untimely demise, I've migrated here. The rest is history.
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i think it was february of 2011; 4chan was going nuts over it and this namefriend who went by harvard told me to check it out. so i did.

i would not look back.

i started with the pilot and i was immediately impressed by the small animation touches i found. seeing nightmare moon in one of the glass things when twilight mentioned her — not quite knowing what i was looking at — i remember saying to myself 'ooohh, it's gonna be one of these'. then when the rainbow blast came out at the end of episode 2, i absolutely lost my mind at the sound effect they decided to use before it went off: 'transponder energize', out of star trek.

I was sitting with my older sister in the room watching tv. There was nothing interesting so we turned on child's program. Then the "Pinkie Apple Pie" came in and I wasn't even paying attention, I was doing homework, but my first thoughts were "This is song is really cool" and "I like ths pink pony". Later, for now unknown to me reasons, I searched it in the web and found about bronies. Then it kinda went on its own :)
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the simple answer is i wanted something to watch, i like cutesy anime shit and this pony show looked an awful lot like cutesy anime shit so sometime around 6 years go i started watching the show. if you would have told me that my heart would have been completely and utterly gripped id have laughed at you in disbelief. i still remember being in my room about a week after having started my psudeo-marathon, it was magical mystery cure, and during that pinkie moment and the final chorus of a true true friend, i lost my shit, wept tears of joy like a baby. thats when it finally solidified in my mind that this was the single best show ive ever seen, no competition, not even close.

maybe a bit dramatic sounding but its the truth. for something so simple to capture hearts, unbelievable.