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Background Pony #AD47
One can't use "G4 purist" as an insult for people who don't like Pony Life when most people in this fanbase are by definition G4 purists, that's just common sense

Like Pony Life fanboys acting like they gave G1-G3.5 a chance when I kid you not they didn't
Background Pony #8833
@northern haste
Characters are constantly OOC

G4 rainbow dash is a nothing like her original g3 self

That's a bit of a false equivalence, since this still clearly G4 Rainbow Dash, just in a different series.
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@Macaroni C-Pony
Let me ruin that for you. I've watched 10 episodes and went into it as someone with high hopes.
The show is absolute trash. And like real trash, if you dig through it you might find something cool, but it's gonna be sticky and smelly and ruined by the fact that it's covered in trash. 1 good episode out of 10. With 2 in particular being really really bad.

The art style… I WISH that was the only downside. There was no sign that the writing would be bad, so it blindsided me. The writing it clearly done by people that never watched the show. Characters are constantly OOC, even going back on things they established in season 1.

People expected the worst from the Equestria Girls movie before it came out. And we were fucking right! People expected the worst from Pony Life before it came out. And they were fucking right! But I'm gonna be dumb and keep having hope. EQG eventually became good, so Pony Life might fire all their writers and get new ones and salvage the show. Right now though, the scripts wouldn't even pass in the fanfic community as meeting quality standards.