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safe1580951 anonymous artist2308 princess cadance30334 queen chrysalis32508 shining armor21693 twilight sparkle282848 alicorn197174 changeling40692 changeling queen12356 pony849697 unicorn269695 comic100902 exclamation point3356 female925338 implied infidelity327 implied shining chrysalis29 implied shipping4396 implied straight5141 monochrome145508 oh crap face96 simple background346134 sweat23149 sweatdrop2711 sweating profusely331 twilight sparkle (alicorn)115550 white background86551 woonoggles620


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But look how she's behaving, all meek and quiet! Seems she learned her lesson, what's not to love about crazy bughorse when she's no longer trying to conquer the world?
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Contains GPE propaganda
Is it bad I want to imagine Flurry Heart making that face too while holding and egg she found.
"Father why bug make egg father?"

This idea is genius & I support it's inclusion. xD