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A section from my compilation of character catchphrases. Never knew Rainbow Dash said “Woah, woah, woah!” so much. Check out some other neat catchphrases by watching the full video
safe1878043 screencap244436 amethyst skim187 apple bloom54451 applejack182088 derpy hooves52646 fluttershy229332 golden hooves (character)150 log jam67 pinkie pie231118 princess cadance35407 princess celestia101403 princess luna105641 rainbow dash251072 rarity196173 rosemary75 scootaloo53970 spike84520 starlight glimmer53050 sweetie belle51772 twilight sparkle321973 winter harvest2 alicorn256503 earth pony320825 pegasus363923 pony1223787 unicorn401246 boast busters1240 equestria girls223809 equestria girls (movie)8084 games ponies play1147 princess twilight sparkle (episode)2792 testing testing 1-2-31460 the cutie map4226 the last crusade880 spoiler:my little pony the movie82 animated107491 background pony10883 bag6330 big crown thingy2626 catchphrase36 clubhouse893 compilation613 confused5364 crusaders clubhouse830 crying47932 cutie mark crusaders20238 element of generosity1073 element of honesty1059 element of kindness1214 element of laughter1078 element of loyalty1253 element of magic2749 elements of harmony2622 equal cutie mark1547 jewelry81555 mane six34176 mirror portal101 our town336 regalia26061 saddle bag6566 sound11222 twilight sparkle (alicorn)133497 waving3452 webm17293 woah32


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