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Page 1 of my NSFW comic with the G Force.

The name of the stalion is Vincent Glitter Mane, and he´s a changeling in disguise.

He has telepacific powers, even though he´s pegasus, but his eyes can use magic, and yes, he is one of chrysalis´s changelings, and he´s on a secret mission, about breading everypony in Ponyville, which means, that when he does that, he spreads some special made changeling eggs inside of the ponies, that makes the ponies pregnant, helping the changelings to make more of them. But before he can do that, he has to kidnap them, and bring them over to the hive, which has kinda turned into an love making dungeon.

So, yes, he also kidnaps our leader~

But first he has to find the perfect moment to hypnotize her, making her fall in a deep sleep, so it´s easier to bring her home~

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