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safe1754745 artist:tjpones3216 luster dawn1662 princess celestia96898 princess luna100914 twilight sparkle306631 oc713756 oc:fausticorn1566 oc:matriarch zeg'us85 alicorn233551 pony1014394 unicorn343958 zebra18394 the last problem6106 alicornified5584 cewestia1805 circle of life38 female1405373 filly69874 lustercorn62 lustie25 princess twilight 2.02558 sitting65740 squatpony411 twiggie442 twiggie 2.018 twilight sparkle (alicorn)126366 woona5105 woonoggles636 younger17808


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Background Pony #7163
I will not deny that the wisdom and guidance of the celestial sisters has greatly benefited the world, however is not better to create a new world where every creature, be they pony, griffon, dragon, etc can achieve their fullest potential without restriction? What point is there is in suppressing the potentially beneficial talents of others? I speak from a position of ethics and rationality, true equality will allow us all to ascend even higher.
Background Pony #AA97
Important: Zebra has neither horn nor wings. We know from the show that you need at least one (cadance - wing, twilight - horn) to become alicorn. Yet somehow this zebra will become Equestria’s ruler
What did Tjpones mean by this?
Terminal Rex

Going Indognito mode..
A bit early for Twilight to be training a replacement isn’t it? She’s only a decade or two into her reign when she meets luster. Celestia probably personally mentored dozens of promising students during her millinia long rule. She only raised one to Alicorn status when she was reaching the end of her reign.
Although, She could be looking for a partner to split the workload with. Celestia and Luna did it so why not Twilight? I can see Twilight Personally mentoring Luster with the intention of crowning her as Co-ruler.
Brass Beau

Howdy from Shimmer Pope
I’m sure someone is campaigning because “Luster chose a zebra over more qualified unicorn applicants
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@Brass Beau  
It could be something like a “magic trick” to fit into her “witch doctor” persona.  
I mean, Trixie did it with her being “stage magician” despite being actual fucking unicorn.  
Or the cup could be enchanted…
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