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safe1692413 artist:shido-tara389 berry punch6537 berryshine6537 earth pony243500 pony954480 :o3689 alcohol7117 bottle4023 dark background922 drunk4822 earth1092 featured image867 female1350274 flying37714 high res27263 hoof hold8226 lidded eyes30189 lost221 mare474069 moon23237 open mouth143011 planet1190 solo1054764 space5008 stars15373 sun6595 wat19155 wine2544


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Big loud things on poles
I honestly thought that star was going supernova or even hyper nova for a second but then I saw some of the tendrils or whatever coming off of it and realized it’s not either of those things because she would’ve been incinerated by the heat already and it definitely is a neutron star. I honestly almost mistook it for a pulsar as well which isn’t likely because everything would have been warped down to its atomic core from the powerful magnetic fields those things create.
Workable Goblin
Not a Llama - Happy April Fools Day!

That's actually a neutron star. A white dwarf would be about the mass of the Sun (white dwarfs can have no more than about 1.4 times the mass of the Sun, or they become neutron stars) crammed into a space about the size of Earth. Or, in other words, basically a naked stellar core…which is what they are, after all.

@Daniel F2E1
Looks more like a quasar to me.

A white dwarf is when a star collapses in on itself. For example, imagine the mass of our sun, several times over, crammed into a space 10km in diameter. That is a white dwarf.

However, a quasar is constantly emitting energy and radiation, which is what looks to be happening here