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Single frame of >>1529532, uploaded from Patreon with permission
safe1681636 alternate version43168 artist:racoonsan541 thorax4261 twilight sparkle297376 alicorn219740 changedling8108 changeling46256 human152116 triple threat941 barefoot26944 bedroom eyes58208 blushing193391 book32948 cape10057 chair6645 clothes450598 crossed arms4922 duo58909 feet38895 female1340791 grin37279 horn62852 horned humanization6675 humanized98943 jeans3996 king thorax2824 lamp2586 levitation11851 lidded eyes29928 magic71996 male364434 on side6604 pants14119 scene interpretation8424 sitting61744 smiling241541 telekinesis27139 that pony sure does love chairs24 twilight sparkle (alicorn)122473 winged humanization8607 wings102283


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Background Pony #7542
Thorax standing there for an hour waiting for Twilight to realize that he is there.