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safe1681649 alternate version43168 artist:oldskullkid223 apple bloom48828 spike78041 sweetie belle48538 equestria girls196951 aerith gainsborough41 clothes450602 cloud strife97 commission65889 cosplay27468 costume27011 dress43645 female1340800 final fantasy1312 final fantasy vii274 human spike546 lucky bastard1708 male364441 schrödinger's pantsu376 shipping196991 side slit1354 spikebelle778 spikebloom486 straight133946 sword11458 tifa lockhart65 total sideslit203 weapon29920


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Actually, the real life story to that is a different.

I commissioned the artist to have Sweetie Belle and Apple Bloom dressed in Tifa's and Aerith's dresses, but I also asked him if he could draw Spike in one of Cloud's dresses for this drawing, too. We did discuss it for a bit, but, ultimately, we decided that having Spike in a complicated dress would be too much of a workload for the artist (keep in mind, he was working on this, the original version, and an upcoming third one at the same time), and the commission was already falling behind as it was. In the end, we just decided to keep Cloud's usual attire to keep things simple.

Hey, I'm the commissioner of the art.

Unfortunately, as much as I would love to feature more of the FF7R outfits, it doesn't seem likely. I love all the outfits, but I couldn't afford to pay for commissions of all of them (plus, the artist told me that these outfits were already pretty tough, and I didn't want to give him an even harder time).

As for Scootaloo being Jessie, I am sure I will commission that in the future but not right now. I have other plans at the moment, but, afterwards, we'll see.

So, can we expect two more versions of this with Sweetie and Applebloom wearing the other two dresses Tifa and Aerith wear?

Also someone suggested that Scootaloo was Jessie. Will you try that, maybe with Sweetie and Applebloom looking jealous in the background?