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safe1787317 artist:underpable873 princess cadance33631 princess celestia97904 princess luna102073 twilight sparkle310564 alicorn239376 pony1098413 :<1112 alicorn tetrarchy1097 always has been13 blush sticker2752 blushing210300 both cutie marks11116 butt94224 chart908 dialogue70003 ethereal mane8865 female1435620 frown24385 glare8357 glowing horn21361 gray background8111 gun16662 horn84197 levitation12920 lewd756 lovebutt1352 magic77325 mare519738 meme84538 moonbutt3670 peytral4016 plot85863 ponified meme1184 simple background423539 starry mane4800 sunbutt4316 telekinesis29612 the ass was fat14522 this will end in death2624 top secret12 twibutt6039 twilight sparkle (alicorn)128072 unamused17220 wait it's all ohio21 wat19656 weapon32203 wide eyes17676


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I call lies; while Luna is bigger than Cadance in general, Cadance has the bigger badonkadonk. Luna’s rear is pretty skinny.
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Gosh I love those plot lineups. If pabs ever did a more detailed version of the picture they’re looking at, I’d be very interested
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