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Lego 😏
safe1691870 artist:liaaqila966 rainbow dash232378 pegasus286200 pony953518 bronybait2965 challenge accepted69 cute197686 dashabetes9122 dialogue64635 ear fluff28918 eyes closed91874 female1349750 fluffy14068 folded wings5914 heart47779 leg fluff2980 lego1825 liaaqila is trying to murder us with dashabetes24 open mouth142867 prone25264 pure unfiltered evil1717 shoulder fluff1773 simple background388548 smiling244122 solo1054290 speech bubble22919 tempting fate164 text58813 this will end in cuddles21 this will end in hugs37 traditional art116974 white background96440 wing fluff1610 wings104450


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Honestly, if she were cut off from hugs for just a little while (a few days maybe) she'd feel so lonely she'd probably never refuse a hug again.
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Nothing like some firm reliable klompen. They can get through any sharp thing. They're better than those modernist steeltoe boots! And safer! And if you get into an accident, they'll crack not dent so you can easily remove them.

I bet a reliable country girl like AJ would use them. With those clogs AJ could easily get through those dreaded legos and embrace Dashie.
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I miss the show so much
Nothing that a pair of boots or a broom cannot defeat. You will be hugged, Dashie.